german History

"Agripa" is a group of conjurers, jugglers and fair-sellers which was formed in 1994. After several years´ performing with a group of historical fencing of "The Knights of Nemanice and Durandaly", we decided to set up on our own way.At first we specialized in historical fencing. We widened the scope of our existing activities with the arrival of new members.
        Nowadays we offer performances of top Czech jugglers. Our shows include juggling with skittles, balls, diabolos and even with knives. Fireshows are undoubtedly very popular and wanted. You can see burning torches, chains and devil sticks flying in the air during the fireshows. The number of performers and the duration of our performances depend on your demand. We offer one to eight performers. Our fakir takes part in both day and night fireshows. His performances, which are accompanied by a live band, include fire-spitting, fire-eating and walking on broken pieces of glass. Our unique historical merry-go-round for children up to the age of ten and a historical shooting gallery with a moving target surely belong to main fairground attractions. You can shoot with crossbow, bow and arrow and you can throw knives and axes in the shooting gallery. Children can watch and even take part in medieval jousting tournaments and various games.
        At our historical fair you can buy mead and snacks as well as period goods, such as copper jewellery, leather products, wooden toys and everything what a "little knight" may need: imitations of historical weapons ( swords, lances, shields ), jingles and juggling gear.
        We are not only specialized in historical attractions but we also produce fantasy and UV performances. Our performances can make any social event (soirrees, dinner parties, balls…) more exciting and interesting. For festivals and celebrations of several days´duration we cooperate with a group of historical fencing of "The Knights of Nemanice", with "Hortus Gracie"(a group of historical dancing) and with bands "Psalteria", "Jagabab", "Sudetští pištci", "Musica Vagantium" and "In Externo" (Berlin). We also cooperate with "Draken" which is a group specialized in medieval jousting tournaments on horses. Members of "Agripa" participated on shooting several films. We provided the film-makers with stage properties for shooting such films as "King Ubu", "Cetnické humoresky", "Muj obr", "Joan of Arch" and "Liga správných gentlemanu".
        We guarantee that you and the spectators of our shows will be fully satisfied with our performances. We hope that you find our offer interesting and we are looking forward to our successful cooperation.